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EarthPods® Organic Fertilizer & Plant Food Capsules (Bamboo & Bonsai Formula)


  • Use Our Premium Organic Biological Plant Food for Superior Growth!

    1 Tube = 100 EarthPods® capsules (100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED)

    For our best deal, click here -->  2 for $44.99 Plant Food Value Pack

    • AMAZE YOUR NEIGHBORS, FRIENDS & FAMILY with the most unique & best quality organic plant & flower food fertilizer you’ll ever need! EarthPods® will STIMULATE STRONG ROOT GROWTH, ENHANCE LEAF COLOR & MAXIMIZE BLOOM PRODUCTION. Stop wasting time & money on fertilizer spikes, sticks, tablets or pellets that aren’t natural, don’t break down properly and provide inconsistent results.


    • EASILY FERTILIZE ALL YOUR PLANTS & FLOWERS ORGANICALLY IN SECONDS! Just push an EarthPod® completely into the plants' soil near root zone, then water your flowers & plants as usual. EarthPods® will dissolve on their own & release their concentrated biological magic straight to the plants’ roots [NO MEASURING + NO SMELL + NO DIRTY FINGERS + 100% ORGANIC + SUSTAINABLY MADE IN THE USA + ECO FRIENDLY + CHILD & PET SAFE]


    • GREAT FOR CASUAL CITY GARDENERS AS WELL AS THE MORE SERIOUS GARDENER. Whether you own lots of indoor house plants & small food plots or are growing everything outdoor / hydroponically from vegetables, herbs, fruits, container plants to annual / perennial flowers. Try them on roses, hydrangeas, tomatoes or even medical plants (marijuana/cannabis)! EarthPods® work on all plants & flowers no matter what or where you’re growing!


    • All-Purpose proprietary formula made directly by Earthworm Technologies to feed over 70 balanced organic compounds teeming with an array of beneficial macro & micro NUTRIENTS, MINERALS, FUNGI, BACTERIA, HUMIC, FULVIC & AMINO ACIDS straight to your root zones all in a form fully and IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE TO YOUR PLANTS.


    • EarthPods® WILL NOT BURN YOUR PLANTS because it contains low NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium). EarthPods’® break-through formula mirrors NATURE'S OWN PERFECT GROWING FORMULA including NATURAL PLANT GROWTH HORMONES and BENEFICIAL PLANT HEALTH SOIL MICROBES

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