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After spending many years growing our own plants, flowers and edible gardens with the typical “go-to” conventional fertilizer products on the market, we became increasingly frustrated with the lack of choices available for top-quality organic plant food fertilizer products that we could rely on for consistent top tier results that were also pet safe, child safe, and made in a sustainable, Earth responsible way!


With a true passion for sustainable organic gardening and spending many years increasing our knowledge on eco-responsible methods, we finally took up the task & created Earthworm Technologies! We are experienced organic gardeners ourselves that have spent years growing everything from flowers, shrubs and houseplants to vegetables and fruits. We are familiar with soil science methodology and what is really necessary to create a high quality plant food that obtains great results in a natural way (hint: NPK levels are not as important as some fertilizer companies make you think!), while still making a product that is easy to use and safe for our environment, pets, and children.


We have successfully created a solution to grow healthy robust flower, plant & edible gardens in an eco-responsible way. We have teamed up with nature instead of against it, to create unique, easy-to-use, premium organic plant food products!


We are proud to present to you what we believe to be the BEST and most unique organic plant food products on the market all MADE IN THE USA directly by us. You can now experience amazing growth results and also be proud to use products that improve our planet!


Our EarthPods® All-Natural Flower & Plant Food Capsules, as well as our TeaDrops® All-Natural Flower & Plant Food Steeping Packets are all-purpose formulas that can be easily used all year round for your indoor and outdoor plant feeding needs (vegetable gardens, flower pots, orchids, houseplants, cut flowers, you name it). Or easily grow gorgeous organic flower & herb gardens with our BloomPucks® Garden Starters, little pucks already containing our special plant food & pre-configured non-GMO seeds. Just push them into the soil & water!


You can be rest assured that everything we do at Earthworm Technologies stems back to our environmental and eco-friendly mission! Our products are so easy to use that gardeners of various skill levels can use them. There is no digging, scooping or bending involved in growing our beautiful gardens!


“I created Earthworm Technologies, LLC to give everyone the ability to grow amazing plants with all-natural, eco-friendly, easy-to-use products that I am proud to share with my own children.”

~ Steven Devloo, CEO & Founder of Earthworm Technologies


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