TeaDrops® SEEDLING + TRANSPLANT Organic Liquid Fertilizer Packets (16 Count)


Great for jump starting leaf & root growth in 2nd-stage seedlings (once 1st set of true leaves are growing), bare roots (roses, berries, trees etc.), new plantings, transplants and clones. This formula also helps buffer transplant shock & support strong root growth to establish all new seedlings, new plants from the nursery, garden location transplants, plant clones and cuttings.

Easily Feed Premium Natural Nutrients While You Water!

1 Tube = 16 TeaDrops® packets that can make up to 32 gallons of liquid organic Seedling & New Planting plant food fertilizer

  • So easy! Just drop 1 TeaDrops® packet into a gallon of water (or watering can) and steep for a few hours, liquid turns color, then feed while you water! Also, apply weekly to your seed starter trays to bottom water seedlings.
  • NO measuring spoons + NO smell + NO dirty fingers

TeaDrops® are vegan, pet + child + eco-friendly & 100% sustainably made in the USA (the packaging tubes are made from recycled paper-board with labels printed in soy inks to support our underlying company mission of making highly-effective, but earth-friendly products! :)


  1. Fill receptacle (water can, bucket, recycled milk gallon, etc.) with 1 gallon of water (use rain, snow, filtered, distilled, mineral or reverse osmosis water)
  2. Drop 1 TeaDrops® plant food packet in the water & let steep for min. 4 hours (up to 24 hrs for max benefit)
  3. Stir water occasionally to circulate oxygen & nutritional contents of the packet. When ready, water will be lighter color teeming with all-natural, organic macro + micro nutrients, trace minerals, soil humates.
  4. Pour resulting liquid organic fertilizer on root zones of your seedlings, transplants and new plantings, etc. (or put in spray bottle for foliar feeding)
  5. When liquid fertilizer is used up, throw leftover TeaDrops packet in compost pile or place in hole when planting a new tree, flower or plan


Use 1 TeaDrops packet per 1 gallon of water * If you're nervous about some of your sensitive plants, you could dilute 1 TeaDrops packet in 2 gallons of water as a test.


Please store your Teadrops® Natural Plant & Flower Steeping Packets in a safe, dry place at cool room temperature as humid conditions might cause preliminary breakdown

* TeaDrops are intended for garden use only to feed plants / flowers and should never be eaten or used in any other way

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