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TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Liquid Fertilizer Steeping Packets


  • Great Results! Easily Feed Premium Biological Nutrients While You Water!

    1 Tube = 16 TeaDrops® packets that can make 16 strong (up to 32 diluted) gallons of liquid organic plant & flower food fertilizer

    For our best deal, click here -->  2 for $49.99 Plant Food Value Pack

    CONTAINS:  100% all-natural refined worm castings harvested from our worms that were fed a unique diet of composted fruits, vegetables & wood waste. This mixture is then further enhanced with our special proprietary blend of organic Earth nutrients, Sea minerals & humic acids.

    PLUS: a vast composition of trace minerals, natural plant growth hormones & millions of beneficial soil microorganisms!

    1) Just drop 1 TeaDrops® packet in a gallon of water

    2) Let steep for min. 4 hours (ideally up to 24 hours)

    3) Then easily feed organic trace minerals, micro-nutrients, beneficial root microbes & plant growth hormones while you water

    + Does not burn plants, all  nutrients are  immediately available for uptake

    + NO measuring... NO smell... NO dirty fingers...  Eco / Child / Pet Friendly


    now you can even feed your indoor plants seamlessly during the winter!

    ** Works great even on hard to maintain plants like Orchids :)


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