EarthPods® ALL PURPOSE Organic Plant Food Spikes (100 Fertilizer Capsules)


  • Great for all your plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs & fruits whether they be indoor / outdoor or in containers / raised garden beds

    • NO MEASURING + NO SMELL + NO DIRTY HANDS: grab an EarthPod® & push fully into plant soil near center stem, then water as usual. EarthPods® will break down & release concentrated biological magic straight to root grow zone.
    • ENHANCES leaf color, stimulates root growth, reduces transplant shock, builds resistance to disease / pests / drought, enhances seed germination, improves flavor, blossom / bloom booster, creates rich loamy soil over time.
    • PREMIUM BREAK-THROUGH FORMULA: replicates forest earth composition robust with natural plant nutrients, minerals, growth hormones, beneficial microbes: bacteria & fungi, humic / fulvic / amino acids. 
    • FEED PLANTS IN ALL LOCATIONS: indoor & outdoor / apartment / patio pots / balcony planters / window box / containers / wall hanging baskets / hydroponic coir growing / raised beds / vertical tower gardens etc.
    • GREAT ON EVERYTHING: houseplants, annual flowers, perennial shrubs, vegetables, dwarf citrus fruit trees, herbs, tropical plantings, seed starter kits, seedlings, transplants, clones, potted cuttings. Try them on African violets, Christmas cactus, roses, hibiscus, hydrangeas, tomatoes or even aloe vera, cactus, bamboo, bonsai, etc.
    • EASY + FAST + COMPACT FOR EVERYONE: tired of big heavy fertilizer bags? 1 EarthPods® tube = 100 concentrated organic flower & plant food capsules. Stores easily on your kitchen cabinet shelf. Top quality fertilizer for everyone with bonus patent design to ease plant feeding use by elderly / physically-challenged & involving children in prime organic gardening activities (EarthPods® are also pet + child + eco-friendly & 100% made in the USA).

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