TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Liquid Fertilizer Steeping Packets


  • Great for all your plants, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, herbs & fruits whether they be indoor / outdoor or in containers / raised garden beds!

    Easily Feed Premium Biological Nutrients While You Water!

    1 Tube = 16 TeaDrops® packets that can make up to 32 gallons of liquid organic plant & flower food fertilizer (100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED)

    • BUY THE BEST QUALITY & EASIEST TO USE liquid organic plant & flower food fertilizer you’ll ever need! Stop using chemical fertilizers that are unhealthy for you and bad for the environment ...and who has time to make or clean up the stinky mess of overly complex compost tea products that aren't consistent?
    • NO MEASURING SPOONS! NO SMELL! NO DIRTY FINGERS! WORKS GREAT ON EVERYTHING! (Even hard to maintain plants like Orchids - Try feeding 6-7 sprays to your Phalaenopsis weekly to take care of its watering AND its nutrient needs)
    • SO EASY - TAKES SECONDS! Just drop 1 TeaDrops® packet into 1-2 gallons of water (or watering can) and steep for a few hours, liquid turns color, then FEED WHILE YOU WATER all your flowers and plants in the garden or INDOORS all season long (try it on your HOUSEPLANTS)!
    • EXPERIENCE EXCELLENT NATURAL GROWTH! With our all-purpose & balanced proprietary plant food formula teeming with BENEFICIAL MACRO & MICRO NUTRIENTS, MINERALS & SOIL HUMATES in a form fully and IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE to your plant roots!
    • 100% ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLY MADE IN THE USA ** ECO FRIENDLY ** CHILD FRIENDLY ** PET FRIENDLY ** LOW N-P-K because our products simulate NATURE'S OWN PERFECT GROWING FORMULA  (TeaDrops® will not burn your plants)

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