EarthPods® BAMBOO + BONSAI Organic Plant Food Spikes (100 Fertilizer Capsules)


Specialized formula for all small types of Cycads, Dracaena (Braunii, Draco, Fragrans, Marginata, Massangeana, Sanderiana, Warneckii etc.) Ixora, Chinese & Japanese Elms / Money / Jades / Junipers / Cedars, Ribbon / Braid / Curly / Friendship / Lucky Bamboo, Dragon Trees, Spider Plants, Boston Ferns & other mini plants of this type.

  • NO MEASURING + NO SMELL + NO DIRTY HANDS: 1 tube = 100 concentrated EarthPods®. Submerge EarthPod® into potting soil mix near center stem OR open & spread around roots if grown in bark, then water
  • ENHANCES: leaf color, root growth, reduces transplant shock.
  • PREMIUM BREAK-THROUGH FORMULA: replicates forest earth composition robust with natural plant nutrients, minerals & soil humates. 
  • FEED PLANTS IN ALL LOCATIONS: indoor & outdoor / apartment / patio pots / balcony planters / window box / containers / wall hanging baskets / hydroponic coir growing / raised beds / vertical tower gardens etc.
  • EASY + FAST + COMPACT FOR EVERYONE: tired of big heavy fertilizer bags? 1 EarthPods® tube = 100 concentrated organic flower & plant food capsules. Stores easily on your kitchen cabinet shelf. Top quality fertilizer for everyone with bonus patent design to ease plant feeding use by elderly / physically-challenged & involving children in prime organic gardening activities

EarthPods® are vegan, pet + child + eco-friendly & 100% sustainably made in the USA (the capsules are made from plant-based materials and our packaging tubes are made from recycled paper-board with labels printed in soy inks to support our underlying company mission of making highly-effective, but earth-friendly products! :)


For optimal comprehensive results, we suggest feeding with EarthPods® every few weeks & watering with our TeaDrops® liquid plant food packets as a regular feeding routine):

Just push EarthPods BAMBOO & BONSAI plant food capsules every 14 - 21 days all the way into the soil near the stem of your favorite plants or open the capsule gently and spread all around the roots / substrate to feed a wide variety of all-natural, organic macro + micro nutrients, trace minerals & humates.

(Suggested Application ~ Small plants: 1-2 EarthPods®, Medium plants: 2-4 EarthPods®, Large plants: 4-8 EarthPods®)


Please store your EarthPods flower & plant food capsules in a safe, dry place at cool room temperature as humid conditions might cause preliminary breakdown

* EarthPods are intended for garden use only to feed plants / flowers and should never be eaten or used in any other way

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