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TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Liquid Fertilizer Steeping Packets


Great Results! Easily Feed Premium Biological Nutrients While You Water!

1 Tube = 16 TeaDrops ® packets that can make 16 strong (up to 32 diluted) gallons of liquid organic plant & flower food fertilizer

Get an even better deal with our 2 for $49.99 Special Plant Food Value Pack

1) Just drop 1 TeaDrops® packet in a gallon of water

2) Let steep for min. 4 hours (ideally up to 24 hours)

3) Then feed 70+ organic trace minerals, micro-nutrients, beneficial root microbes & plant growth hormones while you water

+ All contents immediately available to your plants

+ NO measuring... NO smell... NO dirty fingers

+ Eco-Friendly + Child-Friendly + Pet-Friendly

+ Unlike any other product out there with a balance of beneficial plant growth microbes

+ Amazing growth for ALL your indoor & outdoor plants, flowers, vegetables, & herbs

(now you can even feed your indoor plants seamlessly during the winter)

** Works great even on hard to maintain plants like Orchids :)


OUR TEADROPS® NATURAL PLANT & FLOWER FOOD STEEPING PACKETS WORK ON EVERYTHING  (for optimal comprehensive results, we suggest watering with our TeaDrops liquid plant food packets and feeding with EarthPods ®  plant food capsules every few weeks as a regular fertilizing routine):

  • Soak the roots of your new plants before you plant them in the soil
  • Soak your Fall and Spring flower bulbs in liquid steeped with TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Steeping Packets before planting out in the garden
  • Spray as a foliar nutrient spray on your plants & flowers
  • Pour as a root drench or spray around the base of your plants near the main stem
  • As a seed germination enhancer and seedling growth nutrient feed (mist your seed / seedling trays every week)



  1. Fill a watering receptacle (a watering can, bucket, recycled gallon milk, etc.) with a gallon of lukewarm water
  2. If your water is from a city water source, make sure to let the water sit for 12 hours preferably in a direct-sun exposure in order to diminish the chlorine which kills bacteria (while chlorine kills bad bacteria in our drinking water, it kills ALL bacteria including the beneficial plant root microorganisms that we worked so hard to include in our TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Steeping Packets) OR use rain / mineral / filtered water
  3. Just drop one of our TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Steeping Packets in the water and let it steep for minimally 4 hours, but ideally 24 hours
  4. Stir the water from time to time with a spoon or stick to help dissipate some of the nutritional and microbial contents of the TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Steeping Packets
  5. When ready, your water will have turned into a darker color teeming with tons of trace minerals, nutrients, and an active population of microbes including fungi and bacteria
  6. Water the liquid organic plant & flower food fertilizer on all your flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. (or put it in our compost tea spray bottleand give everything a good foliar feeding)
  7. When the liquid plant & flower food fertilizer that you made is all used up - throw the used TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Steeping Packet in your compost pile, or open it up and sprinkle the contents in the planting hole when planting a new tree, flower or plant.



  • Please store your TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Steeping Packets in a safe, dry place at cool room temperature
  • Our TeaDrops® Natural Plant & Flower Food Steeping Packets are  intended for garden use to feed plants / flowers only and should never be consumed or used in any other way
    Like all our organic gardening products, TeaDrops® are Eco / Pet / Child Friendly (even the filter paper is made from plant-based materials and our packaging tubes are made from recycled paper-board with labels printed in soy inks to support our mission of trying to make everything proudly sustainable and biodegradable)! :)

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