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Sunblaze BloomPucks

Our Sunblaze BloomPucks tube contains 9 BloomPucks to help you easily grow a 3x3 square foot flower garden filled with various unique giant Sunflowers that we color coded so you can follow a pre-designed layout based on height and color.

You will receive 3 yellow Sunflower BloomPucks (these will grow to 30 inches), 3 orange Sunflower BloomPucks (these will grow to 46 inches) and 3 red Sunflower BloomPucks (these will grow to 54 inches).

You can plant these BloomPucks individually to grow flowers anywhere in the garden, directly in flower containers, or you can build a professionally-designed garden by following our color coded pre-designed garden instructions to create an instant 9 square foot garden profuse with our chosen Sunflowers. Detailed directions are included on the inner packaging tube - simply choose a clear patch of soil in a sunny area that is 3 feet wide by 3 feet long. Then you will place one BloomPuck per square foot with the 3 yellow BloomPucks placed in the front of your chosen area, the 3 orange BloomPucks in the middle, and the 3 red BloomPucks in the back.

Voila - you will soon have an instant professionally designed flower bed you can enjoy all season...and no one will ever have to know it took you only seconds to design and plant at a mere fraction of the cost for professional landscaping services and materials!


Try combining these Sunblaze BloomPucks with our Bedazzle BloomPucks for a robust variety of unique flowers in your garden.

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