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Sproutz BloomPucks

Our Sproutz BloomPucks tube contains 9 BloomPucks to help you easily grow a 3x3 square foot organic herb garden filled with organic Parsley, organic Basil and organic Dill so you can use fresh herbal ingredients in your kitchen!

You will receive 3 yellow Parsley BloomPucks, 3 orange Basil BloomPucks and 3 red Dill BloomPucks.

You can plant these BloomPucks individually to grow herbs anywhere in the garden, directly in herb containers, or you can build a professionally-designed herbal garden by following our color coded pre-designed garden instructions to create an instant 9 square foot herb garden profuse with our chosen organic herbs. Detailed directions are included on the inner packaging tube - simply choose a clear patch of soil in a sunny area that is 3 feet wide by 3 feet long. Then you will place one BloomPuck per square foot with the 3 yellow BloomPucks placed in the front of your chosen area, the 3 orange BloomPucks in the middle, and the 3 red BloomPucks in the back.

Voila - you will soon have an instant herb garden you can enjoy all season...Don't spend all your hard-earned dollars on expensive bunches of herbs from the grocery store that go bad in days. Grow your own cut and cut again herbal garden at a fraction of the cost and all organic!


Also, try our unique pre-designed Bedazzle BloomPucks and Sunblaze BloomPucks to add some colorful flowers and encourage beneficial pollinator insects to your herb garden!


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