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We are excited to finally offer our unique BloomPucks gardening product to the online community.

Now you can grow an organic flower bed in just seconds. Our BloomPucks are little hockey puck-like disks (the size of a nickel and 1/2 inch thick) composed of everything a flower seed or herb seed needs to grow big, healthy and strong organically with no additional fertilizer, soil amendments or equipment needed.

What does that mean to you? Well, for starters - you won't need any of the following:

  • A shovel or a trowel
  • A bag of expensive potting soil
  • A bottle of expensive conventional fertilizer
  • A trunk full of expensive 3" flower pots from the local nursery
  • A lot of time blocked out of your busy day to plant your flower beds
  • The costly medicine you'll need for the back pain when you're done spending all day planting those flower pots

So what makes our unique BloomPucks so different from traditional gardening?

      1. They fit in the palm of your hand
      2. They can be planted in seconds (just place on a bare soil patch with a sunny exposure, press the BloomPuck in lightly with your foot so it's flush to the ground and then water to keep it moist)
      3. They are packed with natural minerals, nutrients and beneficial microbes
      4. They are made from organic vermicomposted food scraps / wood waste that would have gone to landfills, as well as a variety of natural earth & sea minerals
      5. They are innovated and made in the U.S.A. directly by us
      6. They contain all-natural / non-GMO / high germination seeds
      7. They grow organically to fully mature plants within a couple months with no back-breaking work or additional fertilizers needed
      8. They are Earth-friendly, pet-friendly and child-friendly while attracting butterflies & ladybugs instead of killing them
      9. They are fun & easy to do for everyone from young to old, physically-challenged or not, experienced or casual gardeners


      We currently have 5 lines available:

      1. Sproutz BloomPucks - contains organic Parsley, Basil, & Dill BloomPucks so you can grow organic herbs at home with ease
      2. Bumblez BloomPucks - contains a variation of annual flowers & perennial flowers that will attract bees & other pollinators
      3. Wingzy BloomPucks - contains a variation of annual flowers & perennial flowers that will attract butterflies & hummingbirds
      4. Bedazzle BloomPucks - contains 3 types of Zinnia annual flowers at various heights & colors that provide a punch of color to your cutting garden
      5. Sunblaze BloomPucks - contains 3 types of giant sunflowers at various heights & colors that are sure to amaze any visitor to your garden

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      We truly hope you will enjoy our eco-friendly BloomPucks in your gardens! They also make great unique gift ideas for mothers day gifts, fathers day gifts, holiday gifts / christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and wedding gifts or wedding favors. We now offer a BloomPucks variety pack with an optional eco-friendly gift wrap option that is perfect for special occasions or for that special someone.

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