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EarthPods® Natural Flower Fertilizer & Plant Food Capsules


Use Our Premium Biological Plant Food for Superior Growth!

1 Tube = 100 EarthPods® (feeds 100 small plants)

Get an even better deal with our 2 for $49.99 Special Plant Food Value Pack

1) So Easy! Just push an EarthPod® into the soil near roots

2) When you water your plant, EarthPods® break down in minutes

3) Then feeds 70+ organic minerals, nutrients & beneficial microbes + natural plant growth hormones straight to roots

+ All contents are  immediately available to your plants

+ NO measuring... NO smell... NO dirty fingers

+ Eco-Friendly + Child-Friendly + Pet Friendly

+ Unlike any other product out there with a balance of beneficial fungi, protozoa & bacteria

+ Amazing growth for ALL your indoor & outdoor plants, flowers, vegetables, & herbs

(now you can even feed your indoor plants seamlessly during the winter)


What can you do with just 1 tube of 100 EarthPods Natural Flower & Plant Food Capsules?

Here are some examples:

+  Fertilize up to 100 flower & plant containers

+  Feed several tomato plants bi-weekly ALL season long

+  Feed 10 Orchids monthly  ALL YEAR (when in liquid form)

+  Feed 100 small houseplants or 50 medium houseplants or 25 large houseplants

+  Keep up to 100 freshly cut flower bouquets vibrant in vases (Just drop 1 EarthPod® in a vase of water & swirl...watch what happens overnight! NOTE: this will leave a little sediment at the bottom of your vase)

+  Feed 100 flower bulbs before planting in the Fall & Spring (Just drop 1 EarthPod® in each hole)

+   Inoculate and make the best compost tea, vermicompost tea & worm tea (EarthPods® have millions of beneficial bacteria & fungi in a balanced 1.5 ratio)

+  Fortify 1000’s of your seedlings when seed starting in Winter / Spring



EarthPods® plant food can be used in a variety of ways (for optimal comprehensive results, we suggest feeding with EarthPods every few weeks and watering with our TeaDrops liquid plant food packets as a regular feeding routine):

  1. Push EarthPods® flower & plant food capsules every 14-21 days all the way into the soil of your favorite houseplants, flower containers & indoor / outdoor vegetable and herb plants to slowly feed organic nutrients + over 75 trace minerals  (Suggested Application ~ Small plants: 1-2 EarthPods®, Medium plants: 2-4 EarthPods®, Large plants: 4-8 EarthPods®)
  2. Or dissolve 1-2 EarthPods® flower & plant food capsules in a vase of lukewarm water & stir before you add cut flowers to keep your bouquets looking healthy and sturdy (don’t forget to make 45 degree cuts at the bottom of your flower stems). For optimal benefits, repeat this with fresh water & new EarthPods® every 2 days
  3. Or throw a handful of EarthPods® into your compost pile as an activator

but the most fun is to just experiment with our EarthPods® because they work on literally everything even for hydroponic feeding and growing!



  • Please store your EarthPods flower & plant food capsules in a safe, dry place at cool room temperature as humid conditions might cause preliminary breakdown
  • EarthPods are intended for garden use to feed plants / flowers only and should never be eaten or used in any other way
Like all our organic gardening products, EarthPods® are Eco / Pet / Child Friendly (even the capsules are made from plant-based materials and our packaging tubes are made from recycled paper-board with labels printed in soy inks to support our mission of trying to make everything proudly sustainable and biodegradable)! :)

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