Collapsible Worm Compost Tea Spray Bottle


Now making an organic compost tea to feed all your plants & flowers using our TeaDrops natural plant & flower food packets has never been easier with our special collapsible compost tea spray bottle. We'll even include 3 reusable cotton steeping satchels.

If you've purchased a container of our TeaDrops Organic Plant & Flower Food packets, you can now fill the bottle with water & steep 1 packet for 24-48 hours to easily make a 16oz. bottle of homemade natural plant fertilizerteeming with over 75+ trace minerals and millions of beneficial bacteria & fungi that are already in available form to feed your plants and flowers.

You don't even have to dirty your fingers! When the bottle is empty – you can just add another TeaDrops liquid fertilizer packet and create another bottle (and more importantly…once made, our compost tea from TeaDrops can last up to 3 weeks in the bottle NOT like other manure compost tea products where you have to use the liquid within 24 hours!)

With 1 container of 16 TeaDrops plant & flower food packets, you can create up to 16 bottles of organic fertilizer! That's less than $2.00 per bottle of premium organic liquid fertilizer that you can easily make whenever you want.

Special Features:bottle is collapsible, easy-to-use and has adjustable nozzle, carabiner clip, see-through bottom. Available in 3 attractive colors.

What makes our collapsible compost tea bottle special?

  • It has an adjustable nozzle giving you the choice to either mist your flowers & leaves OR spray a stream to target your roots
  • It has an added carabiner clipproviding comfort to attach the light-weight 16 oz. bottle to your belt or pant loop for easy "on-the-go" organic fertilizing indoors or outdoors
  • It has a see-through bottomallowing you to see when the TeaDrops packets have steeped and the organic plant food is ready to use (when it turns an apple-juice color)
  • It is collapsible: 1) folds flat when not in use & 2) shrinks down in volume as you're spraying so you use EVERY single drop (instead of wasting an unreachable layer like most spray bottles)
  • It comes in 3 attractive colors
  • It is easy to clean & reuse
Follow these 2 simple steps and you'll be spraying organic nutrients around your gardens and indoor plants in no time: 1) Fill your compost tea spray bottle with steeped TeaDrops infused organic plant food extract (for optimal results, we suggest using rain, mineral, well water or if using city water - let it sit for 24 hours to de-chlorinate it for your TeaDrops liquid) * When the organic fertilizer extract is ready, you'll see the water will have turned into an orange/brown apple-juice color. Your worm compost tea is now ready and you can simply set the nozzle to STREAM to spray your flower and plant root zones (for quick application where it counts) or set it to SPRAY so you can mist your leaves and plants completely (great for tomatoes, houseplants, flower containers for example)   2) As the bottle empties, you'll notice the bottle contracting. Our compost tea spray bottle collapses as it empties causing a vacuum so you use every single drop of your organic worm compost tea. (You can use your hand to squeeze it gently tighter at the bottom to make this happen as well).   The compost tea spray bottle's carabiner clip is a nice add-on feature so you can easily attach it to your pant loop or belt buckle for "on-the-go" use around the garden. Now you can easily just grab, clip and use your bottle to feed our TeaDrops liquid organic plant food to your plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits etc. when you're taking that morning stroll in your gardens.   And...clean-up is a cinch! When your bottle is empty - open it up and easily rinse the bottle several times with fresh water, insert the top and spray some of that fresh water through a couple times, then let dry (or immediately fill up with more TeaDrops liquid plant food).   Feeding your gardens organically doesn't have to be stressful! Now we've made it fast, easy & fun with this beautiful collapsible and reusable worm compost tea spray bottle!

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