5 Creative Repurposing Ideas to Recycle a Christmas Tree!

OK...It's time to come up with some creative repurposing ideas for that dying Christmas tree. The holidays have come and gone, we are deep into the winter season (and what a winter it has been...Brrrrr...who else is looking forward to that first Crocus?) but some of us still have our holiday wreaths and Christmas trees sitting in our family room or WAY worse...we've been seeing a lot of dead Christmas trees on the sides of the road in the city lately! What a waste isn't it and maybe jus...
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Family Fun with Free Caterpillar DIY Garden Project

Are you looking for something fun to do? How about afree DIY garden project? The past couple months you may have noticed that your flowers are starting to have little holes everywhere or might look like they've been chewed on. That's because it's that time of year when caterpillars start thriving in the garden and we're not tal...
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